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土曜日, 5月 20, 2006

A celebration of New Year

We do a celebration by a musical accompaniment (OHAYASHI) in each local Shinto shrine (JINJYA) for New Year. This is a back figure of the staff who wore uniform some group(Even if it is one area, there are a lot of OHAYASHI groups). Isn't it cool? It will be a japanese flute that is placed in a waist behind. -Japan- (RICOH XR1000S * PORST 135/1.8 * FUJI PROVIA 100F)

KOMAINU (A pair of stone guardian dogs - The right side is a lion, and the left is dogs which held a corner-). They dedicate it to a Shinto shrine and Buddhist temple, and it is a protection beast image in their imagination. It dates back to the Ancient Orient in the origin.

A mask used by a lion dance performer. A lion dance is a mask dance to quiet a demon and it is performing in Asian wide area. Does this look like a lion to you?