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土曜日, 6月 24, 2006

Old My Home

We lived in here more than ten years. When we were here, we have not child yet. It's old days...
Quite nice area here called Taman TAR inside of Ampang street, but I could not but move with a move of a Japanese school.

アンパン通りの奥で、Taman TARと呼ばれる地域です。KLから距離は近いのですが、アクセスが少ない上にいつも渋滞しているために妙に時間の掛かる場所で、陸の孤島とも言われています。でも、このコンドの裏手はずっとジャングルで朝夕はとても涼しくて住居としては良い場所でした。静かな上に、綺麗な水場あるらしく蛍も飛んでいるような場所でしたが、日本人学校の移転に伴い引っ越さざるを得ませんでした。

-Malaysia- (PENTAX ME-Super * ZENITAR 16/2.8 * FUJI SUPERIA 100)

There are a way to surround a golf course in an immediate bottom of this Condominum, and there were I did not yet see even KL in those days here people who jogged a lot. Thus there are monkey spot in the middle and they are getting bait from peoples. Even if natural food is abundant in Mt. around, it may be done a serious thing to a neighboring house soon if monkey learn taste of persons foods.


Can you see that monkey sitting one line?