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木曜日, 11月 30, 2006

Sight of back

It is rather difficult to shoot photograph peoples from the front.
But as for it, people of the sight of their back are also interesting.
Is it peeping?

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I like kind of this...


火曜日, 11月 28, 2006

Then, reach to Fraser's Hill again...

It is my usual drive course again, but with young couple this time.

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日曜日, 11月 26, 2006

Bentong Morning Market


They are the simple expression persons in Bentong town morning market.

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This boy may living a natural life without stress

It's too storng... You may understand what mean.


What's a foppish grandma !!!


金曜日, 11月 03, 2006

Air Asia


You may surprise about thicket price for Air-Asia. Check it !

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