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火曜日, 5月 30, 2006

Chinese Temple

Such a feeling it is... may don't have to explain much about this. -Malaysia- (YASHICA FX-70 * YASHICA ML50/2.8 * FUJI SUPERIA 200)

When a praying person buys it, They hang it in this way. It is eddy-shaped incense stick

Believe in ahead of religion !

月曜日, 5月 29, 2006

Am I beautiful?

Here is famous cloth shop named KAMDAR. Terrible quantity of cloth are selling here and it hardly choose one from those for me. The clothes which a mannequin wears are not cut. They putting on it very well. -Malaysia- (YASHICA FX-70 * YASHICA ML50/2.0 * Kodak GOLD 200)

Can you find your taste?

日曜日, 5月 28, 2006

A mosque in Kajan

Mosque in malaysia seems to have a characteristic by a place. I think it not so usual to use yellow and green. -Malaysia- (EOS 1000FN * TAMRON 17-35mm * KODAK GOLD 100)

Can you see the car that coloring is same with building ?

Pure and nice boy... (FUJICA AX-1 * PORST 50/1.2 * KM CENTURIA 100)

金曜日, 5月 26, 2006

Hamura Dam

Here is upper reaches of Tama River and was used in a collection of cargo place of the wood which they cut and brought down in old days. Now, It is an important supply spot of water to Tokyo. -Japan- (CONTAX 167MT * YASHICA ML24/2.8 * FUJI PROVIA 100F )

A park in a riverbank.

Also, water flows from here through Tama River waterworks (Tamagawa-josui). Tamagawajosui was made led by Tamagawa brothers and an image of Tamagawa brothers stands here.

木曜日, 5月 25, 2006

Night scenery around Hotel Nikko

I did not use a tripod. I put camera on the place that I could fix and photographed it. To be frank, I was surprised for picture quority of this camera. Good one ! -Malaysia- (OLYPMUS 35RD * FUJI SUPERIA 200)

I do not have a hobby of a peep, but it is ...

It is not my special favorite, but wants to eat sometimes.

水曜日, 5月 24, 2006

Nakano Station outskirts

Here busy streets around Nakano Station along Chuo Line. A lot of people come and go day after day until midnight. In fact, I am a regular of this town, too. I like this place because there are a lot of ramen restaurants, Hehehe... -Japan-(KONICA C35 * KODAK MAX 400)
It is troublesome to back home with the last train when I get drunk. it's terrible congestion... Do your best bobbyl !
This is a train of Chuo Line.  All vehicles seem to be replaced with new color soon.

月曜日, 5月 22, 2006

Deserted houses

A lot of deserted houses lie scattered in not only the country but also the outskirts of KL. There are many luxurious buildings of old Belle Epoque. Whether a landlord will wait still for a value to rise as for what is not sold though the geographical convenience is good or it is too high and will not be sold? -Malaysia- (YASHICA FX-70 * YASHICA ML24/2.8 * FUJI NEOPAN ACROSS 100)
Ooh! what a large site!
A lot of dogs were barking there. Will there be someone?

日曜日, 5月 21, 2006

Around town (Seremban 01)

It is the Seremban city which 40KM went down from KL in the south here. -Malaysia-(RICOH 519 Deluxe * Kodak GOLD 100)
Such old building are left in town of any place, but is not sure whether the government regulates whether it is neglected. I hope they maintain those to be important assets for the future.

土曜日, 5月 20, 2006

A celebration of New Year

We do a celebration by a musical accompaniment (OHAYASHI) in each local Shinto shrine (JINJYA) for New Year. This is a back figure of the staff who wore uniform some group(Even if it is one area, there are a lot of OHAYASHI groups). Isn't it cool? It will be a japanese flute that is placed in a waist behind. -Japan- (RICOH XR1000S * PORST 135/1.8 * FUJI PROVIA 100F)

KOMAINU (A pair of stone guardian dogs - The right side is a lion, and the left is dogs which held a corner-). They dedicate it to a Shinto shrine and Buddhist temple, and it is a protection beast image in their imagination. It dates back to the Ancient Orient in the origin.

A mask used by a lion dance performer. A lion dance is a mask dance to quiet a demon and it is performing in Asian wide area. Does this look like a lion to you?

金曜日, 5月 19, 2006

KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre)

It is that famous KLCC. I tried to photograph it at rain-threatening midnight, but was hard by a heavy rain afterwards. This unusual design seems to be a thing depending on an overseas artificer against will. Does not it seem to be a city of the future at all? -malaysia- (EOS1000FN * Tamron 17-35 * Kodak GOLD 100)

It is a building county along it according to Ampang street which I watched from KLCC Park. There is a mosque under the second building from the right. Just before rain, the wind that a feeling was very cool blew. (EOS1000FN * Tamron 17-35 * Kodak GOLD 100)

木曜日, 5月 18, 2006

Nice to meet you

I begin with an introduction of dear domestic cat Simba of Simbaba. I carry the photograph which I took with old cameras. Basically, photographed in Japan or Malaysia. Thank you comment. -malaysia- (FUJICA STX-2 * X-Fujinar 28mm/2.8 * Kodak GOLD 100)